By: Bobbi Jo Gibbons & Lynne Wahlstrom

1) Summary: Ideas are the main message of a piece. Strong ideas are clear, not obscure.

2) Video:
The short and sweet version

The more informative version

3) Digital Story:
Utilizing digital stories, along with the traditional book is not only providing multiple ways to view the story to draw on concepts, but is also providing assistance in learning for those who may be English language learners or students with disabilities.

Below is an example utilizing digital story telling that demonstrates the development of ideas. Watching the story and performing the activity below is a great way to introduce the concept of strong, clear idea development.
  • Activity: After watching the story, ask students to relay the main points in the story.

Mama Played Baseball by David Adler
Young Amy helps her mother to get a job as a player in the AllAmerican Girls Professional Baseball League whileAmy’s father is serving in the Armyduring World War II.
Reading level: 4.7.
Interest level: K3.Six traits of writing:ideas. (2003)

4) Online activity:
Here is a link to an online learning activity from Scholastic called the Scholastic Story Starter. It is geared for kindergarten through 6th grade, but I had too much fun spinning the lever and seeing the story ideas the machine came up with, though I quickly tired of the sound effects. While rummaging around the internet I also found this Ideas Songand thought those of you with younger students or with a great sense of humor might like it although it is not technology-based.

Here is another idea I thought would be fun, but that you'd have to make online. I thought using Diigo to create links to the music and having everyone respond on a wiki page or Edmodo would be the easiest way to implement it. Movie Music Lesson: Ideas

Word magnets is another cool tech activity that perhaps the teacher and students could use the whiteboard for. It's one of the 20 desktop apps on Triptico that are interactive, fully-customisable resources for you to use in your classroom. It's free, by the way...

5) Lesson: Plan to enhance students ability to create ideas - "I'm King of the World!"