DST Showcase

Please post your digital story here. A link is all that is necessary, unless you want to embed it as a widget. Be sure to type the title of your story and you name.

Melanie's DST Youtube

Sara's Story: I created my story on story jumper. This story is based on an exploratory nature study done with young children called Amazing Trees! Enjoy!

Lynne's Story

Rhea Williams - I created my story using Photo Story!

John's Digital Story Here is the link to my attempt at a digital story. I took the perspective of a student doing brief research on an organism of their choice.

Cross your fingers that this is Dawn's Digital Story.

Kristen's 1st Digital Story: I created this first digital story using PhotoStory. It is titled Bugs and has audio.

This is my second digital story. It was created using StoryJumper. It does not have audio. Kristen's 2nd Digital Story

Ashley's digital story

Bobbi Jo : The World Around Us

Digital Story: The Wor

ld Around Us

Derek's Story
Derek's Story 2
Derek's Story 3 (You can actually view this one)

Dan Bittinger's Digital Story

Dan Nickle: Digital Story

Tammy Meyer's Digital Pop-Up Story by Zooburst - A cute pop up story about Bears day at the beach.
Bears Day At The Beach

Katie Landy's Digital Story

Adam Woelfle's Digital Story
Sorry no audio, technical difficulties with my microphone when I went to record.