Day 10 – The Finale


All remaining assignments, with rubrics for each

Thursday's tickets

Today's Tech Learning Station Particiption Ticket

1. Housekeeping/Theme Day/Breakfast

Voki Website
- ISTE Tech (NETS-T) Standards Resource
- 1-A's Pencast Stories

2. Assessments and E-portfolios
- AIMs Web or DIBELS – progress monitoring
- STAR Reader and Math
- IEP Direct
- Castle Learning
- CBM Warehouse
- NY Learns
- Quizstar
- Rubistar
- E-portfolios
K-12 E-portfolio Wiki
Kindergarten E-profile
1st Grade E-portfolio
6th Grade Blog Example
Secondary Slideshare Example
Secondary Wiki Example

- Any others?

3. Common School Tools
- Powerschool or other similar programs that allows us to take attendance and grade online or through our school’s network
- Curriculum Mapping Tools: Curriculum Connector
- Accelerated Reader/Math
- Raz Kids
- Any others?

4. Appy Hour/Tech Learning Stations– 20 min rotations, review station/tool pros and cons on provided chart
– 1 ticket
  • Play with apps on I-pad/ipod touch

  • QR Codes and Smart Pencasts - scan QR code activities (including Wednesday's infographic) and view our pencasts and other pencasts to see what the final product may look/sound like

    1. Use a mobile device to read the codes on the class infographic we created

    2. View the pencasts on this wiki's Smart Pen page

    3. Use a mobile device to explore QR activities in the folders

  • Update your Fakebook to demonstrate your growth in technology saviness and integration skills. Maybe this has influenced your “interests” in your profile. Show how your PLN has improved (who is now in your “friends” list). *Be sure to add your link to the wiki to share later. If you finish early check out these anchor activities:

Twister - fake Twitter

Fakebook: Classroom Ideas

Facebook and Fakebook in the Classroom

Fakebook in the classroom Vimeo video

Or visit some of the content/grade specific resources below you will or may have wanted to spend more time on.

  • Content/area based resources, Powerpoint games, and view videos of tech integrated classrooms and/or student perspectives on technology. Select from the following:

Web Resources:

Touchable Technology Livebinder - broken down into content areas

Tools By Subject Area

Tech for Teacher (originally for elementary teachers, but can be applied beyond grade 6)

Free Tech for Teachers (all levels)

East Aurora K-12 Tech Integrator's Site - lots of stuff here and all done by someone local!

K-6 Tech Integration

Moving Kindergarten into Web 2.0

Digital Storytelling in Kindergarten: Merging Literacy, Technology, and Multimodality (this is a study)

Life in a Connected Science Classroom

Technology in a Science Classroom Blog

Tech + Library + Classroom Blog

Digital Tool Box for Science and Math

Math and Tech in the Classroom

Math Landing

12 Resources for All Social Studies Teachers

Social Studies Central

School Library Monthly

The Daring Librarian - her e-portfolio and link collection

The Adventures of Library Girl

Powerpoint Games/Game Templates:


A 21st Century PBL Based Kindergarten (note: this is almost 10 minutes long but it exemplifies best early childhood practices blended with various form of low to high technology)

Digital Storytelling in Pre-K

Kindergarten Digital Stories with Voicethread

4th and 5th Grade Bloggers/E-portfolios - includes student interviews

Cameron: An Edutopia feature digital 6th Grade

Dylan,13, wouldn't have learned his ABCs without technology

Olivia, 17 year old high school student, explains how tech is her lifeline, despite not having access to tech at home

Justin, 17, is using tech to learn faster and more efficiently outside of school than in school

5. Houston We Have a Problem! When Technology Doesn’t “Play Nice” and How to “Play Well” At School.....
Musical Post Its Activity: When the music plays move around the room and add post it "problems" to each category
- when tech doesn’t cooperate: tech based issues
- playing well in school: school policy and personnel issues with technology
- Schools and Students Clash Over Technology (article)

7. DST Showcase

8. Where are we now?
- Fakebook showcase (this is voluntary)

THANK YOU! It has been a pleasure working with you. I wish you a wonderful summer! You have earned it!
P.S. Hold on to this wiki, edmodo, Diigo, Drkg’ resoures, and any other resources that caught your eye. These are all now part of your PLN!

PS One last thing to share:
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