Online Work Agenda for Day 2, July 9

Lino Notice: Lino requires you to be approved to join the group. Anyone who has requested it by 8:40pm Monday 7/9 has now been approved. In addition, you each should receive a personal invite to our Lino page via email. Please let Jodi know if you are having any other issues accessing Lino.

Submissions for today:

1. Lino stickies added - 1 ticket

2. Blog begun, have a link to share with the class on this wiki

3. Add to discussion board about your webinar experience - 1 ticket

4. Answer Digital Storytelling module questions on Edmodo - 1 ticket

5. Add your theme day suggestion(s) to the Theme Day page on our wiki. We will vote tomorrow :)

What to have ready for Wednesday:

1. Resources on Diigo for Glog project

2. Ideas for a digital story you would like to create as an exemplar for you class

3. Read the syllabus and be ready for a syllabus pop quiz tomorrow

Please complete the series of tasks below by 8:00 am Wednesday 7/10.

I will be available online via email today.

*Don't forget to add you theme day suggestions to our Theme Days page on the wiki!

Task 1: Lino

1. Visit it Lino at:

2. View the informational video on the front page to learn more about Lino.

3. Sign up for a free account.

4. Go to EDU 528 Technology KWL Lino at

5. Add to KWL with color coded stickies. Let me know what you already have experienced in terms of classroom technology (in other courses or in your own classroom), what you want to learn more about and what have you already learned (this section will be ongoing throughout the course). Please add your name to each sticky, as this will be a ticket.

Task 2: Start a blog

1. Visit the following blog sites:

(Edublogger is geared for educational purposes, no email necessary to sign up)

(Blogger, the second link is run by Google, so set up is easy if you have a Google account)

2. Decide which blog tool you like best and set up your blog

3. Begin your blog by introducing yourself. Then discuss your learning process thus far. You may also want to talk about you tech integration ideas. Feel free to browse other educator blogs to get some ideas. Remember, even though this is a class assignment, it also a place for you to share you great thoughts and ideas and network with other teachers.

4. REQUIREMENTS: Add to the blog throughout the course, with at least 6 different entries from different days. Please, also use this as place to document your PLN. To earn a rubric score of 3 your must meet the above requirements. You may go above and beyond to earn a score between 3 and 4.

5. Add you blog link to the Our Blogs wiki page (see sidebar), use edit button and be sure to hyperlink (use link button in editing toolbar)

Task 3: Participate in a webinar

1. Go to edtechteacher's website and select one webinar of your choice to experience (you will need to accept/download Blackboard Collaborate aka Elluminate to access, you will be prompted to do so if this is not already on your computer):

Note: these are prerecorded/archived

2. Select the discussion board button at the top of this wiki, then add your thoughts about your webinar experience to the discussion (I have begun the discussion with a question for you). Please be sure all of your discussion board comments have your name on them, as attendance will be taken for a ticket.

3. Come back to the discussion to view and respond to others comments.

Note: Webinars tend to look more like instructional videos (especially archived ones), however the look and feel of a live webinar is a little different due to the live interactive component of it

Task 4: Digital Storytelling Introduction Module

1. Complete the following module from this site:

Note: Online module are often more like a webquest rather than an instructional video. It is a different experience than a webinar and take place in different platforms. In this case, the module is in a wiki, but links you to other resources and videos.

2. To complete the discussion step of the module, please add your thoughts to the following questions to our Edmodo site (not to the module wiki as instructed in the module).

  • What are the benefits of developing Digital Stories as perceived by students, teachers, administrators, and parents?

  • What are perceived obstacles to implemneting Digital storytelling with P-12 students and how can they be overcome?

  • How can you begin to enter into Digital Storytelling with your students? What additional training or information would you need in order to begin?

Task 5: Glog Prework

1. Find 2-3 online resources on your group's topic (Universal Design for Learning, ELA Common Core Standards, Math Common Core Stardard, 6 Traits/6+1 Traits of Writing), please be sure you are not adding/bookmarking a resource someone from your group has already added.

Note: If you are not alreay on Diigo, please go to the web address below, you may want to take a moment to view the intro video, then create a FREE account:

2. Bookmark (use the bookmark button) the resources to Diigo, under your group name (click on the link below to access your Diigo group):

Topics/Group Names:

Universal Design for Learning

ELA Common Core Standards

Math Common Core Standards

Digital Native/Teaching Digital Natives

New Literacy

Whew! We are done for today! Wow, you accomplished so much amazing stuff! See you tomorrow morning!