Day 3, Wednesday July 11


1. Guest Speaker on Edmodo and other tech stuff from a secondary classroom: Neil Huber

2. Housekeeping/Theme Day (Hat Day and vote on other themes with Edmodo poll)/Look at Lino/Thoughts about online day 2

Theme Day Poll - vote on the computer or with your cell phone (up to 4 times)

Our Lino

3. Syllabus Quiz - online on Edmodo - ticket

4. Glog group assignment

- What is a Glog?

- Visit Glogster EDU

- How to save a glog as a widget on the wiki

- Begin work, see doc below

*Anchor (if you finish early):

A. Begin exploring some of the digital storytelling resources at the end of this wiki page.

B. Work on your cool tools project.

5. Share Glogs

6. 21st Century-PBL/UDL Retrofit Lesson Assignment Introduction - What do I have to do? (grab overview from Edmodo)

- You will learn even more about UDL during your online work tomorrow

- Let's talk a little bit about PBL (Project Based Learning)

*To build you lesson use one of the following:


7. Day 4 Online Work Overview

8. Digital Storytelling Start Up - grab project overview from Edmodo

- Potential platforms may include:

Photostory (PC users) - if you do no have it, it is a free download from Microsoft

iPhoto or iMovie (Mac users)

CAST Bookbuilder



Or check some of these out and talk to Jodi if you wish to use one from this list:

DST Star.jpg

- What have we learned thus far?

- Steps of DST

- Digital Story brainstorming with Tagxedo or Wordle- 1 ticket

Today's Submisions:

1. Syllabus Quiz (online) - 1 ticket (submit an index card with your name and ticket name)

2. Concept Map for Glog - 1 ticket (post to Glog page on wiki and submit an index card with your name

and ticket name)

3. Group Glog posted on wiki and group rubric - graded assignment, submit a rubric

4. Tagxedo or Wordle for DST Brainstorming - 1 ticket (print and submit with your name for a ticket)

Get ready for tomorrow/homework:

1. Find a lesson plan you want to retrofit.

2. Find an article from one of the following sites and bookmark in Diigo (this is for FRIDAY):

3. Think about your digital story, start planning it in your head. Be ready to story board on Friday.

4. View some digital story resources to get some more ideas.

DST Spot
Digital Storytelling Workshop
Edutopia article
DST Web based tools
Tools may want to use to help build your story
More tools
Apps for DST *this a resource as we will not be creating digital stories using mobile device apps, but will talk about it