Online Work

Day 4, July 12

We forgot to decide on the days for the "winning" themes. We will have the #1 choice Jersey Day on Friday!

Complete the following tasks:

Task 1: Participate in the following module:

  1. Participate in the following UDL Overview Module:

  2. Think about the discussion questions in the module.

  3. Complete the final assignment in the module, using the lesson plan you would like to use for the 21st century retrofit lesson assignment.You do not have to write a formal essay as suggested in the module. Please respond about the features and barriers in our discussion board (step 4)

  4. Use the discussion board on this wiki page (click the discussion button next to the edit button at the top of the page) to document your reflections about the final assignment (what are the UDL features and barries of the lesson you chose) and respond to others’ reflections. - 1 ticket

*Hint: while not required, you may want to consider using you retrofit lesson as it will be needed for Task 2 anyway.

*There are actually 2 discussions started for today. For Task 1, use the UDL Module discussion.

Task 2: UDL and Your Lesson Plan

  1. Evaluate the lesson plan you selected for the for the 21st century retrofit lesson assignment using the UDL Lesson Planning Guidelines found here:

  2. Use this when you are planning your lesson.

  3. Begin thinking about how you are going to modify you lesson.

Task 4: UDL and Technology

  1. Visit to learn about tech tools for UDL and see some sample lessons which incorporate technology

  2. Visit

  3. Add to the second discussion board for today, sharing your thoughts on technology integration with UDL, what tools did you find the most interesting, and respond to the comments of others. – ticket 1

  4. Begin thinking about how these tools may impact the technology integration piece of your retrofit lesson.

*There are actually 2 discussions started for today. For Task 4, use the UDL and Tech discussion.

Task 5: Flipped Classroom (this is something that has been happening in some classrooms for some time, but has really taken off as a “new trend” lately)

Watch the following videos:

Read this article

Add you thoughts about this concept to the Edmodo post created about it for a ticket. What may be the benefits and caveats? How does the need for technology impact the flipped classroom approach?

Optional Task 6: If you have extra time, work on your cool tools assignment.

Optional Task 7: Learn more about PBL at:


1. Participate in the two discussion boards for the Day 4 wiki page. In order to earn your tickets for each, you must not only add your thoughts to both discussion boards, but respond to at least one other person’s comments. Participation in both discussion boards is worth 2 tickets.

2. Edmodo post on the Flipped Classroom – 1 ticket

Getting ready for tomorrow/Homework:

  1. Be ready to start story boarding your digital story. Feel free to use the resources on Day 3 of the wiki to help.

  2. Be dressed to impress for Jersey Day on Friday!

  3. Have an article, from one of the online resources below saved to Diigo. This is a reminder, as it was initially assigned yesterday.

*Don’t forget to keep up with your blog!