Day 5, July 13



  1. Housekeeping/Theme Day/Questions

  2. UDL and Tech Wrap- 528's Top UDL Take Aways and Tech Tools List on Listly

  3. The Flipped Classroom Wrap - online debate with Quora (see link below for more debate tools , Edmodo can also be used)

  4. DST -

    DST Star.jpg

4. Screencasting 101 - this is a just intro, if you need more assistance please see Jodi after class today or Monday for a demo of Jing

5. Digging Deeper with Diigo

- Think-Pair-Share with your 9 o'clock partner - What are some functional uses of Diigo in the classroom? Answer at Today's Meet

- Sticky Note Function of Diigo

a. please go to you Diigo site and select the bookmark for the article you chose

b. following Jod's demo on adding sticky notes

c. add at least 3 sticky notes with questions or vocabulary scaffolds

d. Highlighting and Clipping in Diigo

6. Appy Hour - with you 3'oclock partner search for apps you would like to try out next week, make a list of them in hardcopy and on the wiki. (Get a head start with this link about Apps for Bloom's Taxonomy: )


1. Apps list - 1 ticket

2. Storyboard - 1 ticket

3. Tagxedo or Wordle DST Brainstorm - 1 ticket

4. Today's Meet Think-Pair-Share on Diigo - 1 ticket

Getting ready for Monday/Homework:.

  1. Work on your 21st century, UDL retrofit lesson (have the lesson ready for peer review on Monday, but the final lesson is due Friday 6/20).

  2. Work on your digital story script.

  3. Work on you cool tools assignment

  4. Keep blogging!

  5. If you are not familiar with screencasting, play around with it this weekend. I highly suggest you download Jing as my opinion is it is the most user friendly.

What to look forward to next week:

Smartboards/interactive whiteboards integration, Voicethread, writing, online collaboration, online scavenger hunts, QR codes, Smart Pens, explore web 2.0 tools in your area of interest, obstacles with technology, technology and assessments, common school/classroom tech tools, a peak into some classrooms (including Jodi's), Appy Hour part 2