Day 6, July 16

1. Housekeeping/Theme Days

What we will need to have done this week:

1. Tuesday - Online Jigsaw Project (will go over at end of class; submit a rubric)

2. Wednesday - Cool Tools Assignment due (please post to wiki and submit a rubric)

3. Friday:

- Digital Story posted to wiki

- Digital story plan of action (in a document format) post in ANGEL dropbox

- Retrofit Lesson posted in ANGEL dropbox

Note: If you did this online using Lesson Builder, please do either of the following:

Copy and paste your lesson from Lesson Builder to a word document


Take multiple screenshots, capturing the entire lesson, combine in a word document

- Hard copy rubrics of both the digital story and the retrofit lesson assignment to the Submit Folder

- Rubric submitted to Submit Folder for your Blog assignment

- Any final tickets submitted (this is includes the Fakebook update you will complete on Thursday)

*The Cool Tools and Online Jigsaw assignments will be graded and returned on Friday

*The Digital Story and Retrofit Lesson assignments will be graded online via ANGEL

  • If you kept up with your blog (with at least 6 entries) you will have a score 3; If you added links, images,videos, and/or had more that 6 entries you will have a score of 4

2. Whew! We made it through week 1 and are half way done! While it may not make you feel any better, being overwhelmed, frustrated, tired, and anxious are normal feelings. You are not alone:

Let's take some time the talk about when to use technology and how Jodi has integrated it in a first grade classroom. We will start we a brief Animoto video (another possible DST platform), then we will look at Jodi's wiki on Technology in the Elementary Classroom. Even if you do not teach elementary school, keep an open mind as many of the things Jodi does can be adapted.

The above video, along with other examples of Jodi' classroom are available at her Technology in Elementary School wiki:

NOTE FROM JODI: These are only a snapshots of my classroom. My class is not run like a technology lab 24/7, and how I implement technology has been a compilation of 10 years of research in what works with kids in a meaningful way. I have also had years of workshops, conferences, and trainings in new technology, as well as a diverse PLN, which is how I am able to do what I do now. It has and continues to be a life long learning process for me. It has also been a process with failures as well as successes, frustration as well as excitement. Yet in the end, I can say it has been worthwhile!

Disclaimer: The content of this course is NOT about pushing the old out and replacing it with technology. We are hear to think about what we already do, continue the best practices, decide where we our students need to be, and determine how can we implement technology into what we are already doing to facilitate learning. This week you will have chance to see what is happening in classrooms from all over and hear from the ones we are her, the students. In 2012, literacy has been redefined and will continue to evolve, thus we must let go of some of our reservations and little by little try new things to meet the different needs of students today. We do not know what the future holds, but we do know it is always changing the was we communicate, interact, teach and learn.

3. Adding Assignments to the wiki

How to Upload a Video to You Tube (it is a screencast that was uploaded to You Tube)

  • Adding You Tube link to the wiki - MAKE SURE IT IS PUBLIC SO WE CAN VIEW IT (only need this step if you are not using a web based program for DST)

  • Adding Cool Tools link to wiki

  • Adding a widget to the wiki

  • Starting a discussion board thread on the wiki

4. Readability - go to wiki page

5. Lesson Plan Peer Review – use the UDL Guidelines Checklist and Assignment Overview to review (with 6 o'clock partner)

6. Smartboards – Be SMART and INTERACTIVE!
What’s Wrong Here?

Kindergarten Example

Middle School Example

High School Example

A Few More reources:

Interactive Sites:


7. Voicethread –

- Go to Voicethread (ed.voicethread)
- Sign up for an educator account (if you do not have one) using the email you gave me on Day 1 and explore

- Before we get started with our own voice thread, let's build our mindset for today's VT topic with this video:

- Go to our Voicethread; I have emailed you invites to this Voicethread, but here is the link as well: (if it is being finicky see me about logging in under my Educator's account and using one of my alternative identities)

- Use a microphone headset to comment or type your responses – 1 ticket
- After you comment, please read/listen to other’s responses
- What might be some useful applications of this?
*How could you use in your class? What we some ideas you found while exploring? - Think-Pair-Share with 3 o'clock partner
*Some resources to consider:

Getting started with VT in the classroom guide:

8. Online work for tomorrow
- Sign up for one of the 6 traits of writing.
- Get together with your group

9. DST work
Helpful Tools:

DST Web based tools

Tools may want to use to help build your story

More tools

Next, let's spend the remainder of the morning on your DST needs. Take this time to get help from Jodi while working on any of the following:

  • Locating media files and saving somewhere universally accessible

  • Creating Audacity audio files on the laptop

  • Using the laptop to explore Photo Story

  • Exploring other platforms to help with decision making

  • Working within your platform, putting your story together

*Today will be our last in F2F class working on DST. You will be given time in your online work, but Wednesday's class will be entirely devoted to QR codes and Smart Pens.

*When we are finished, submit a ticket stating what your did during DST work time and what your next step will be. - 1 ticket

Today's Submissions:
- Voicethread ticket

Homework/Getting Ready for Tomorrow
- Continue working on assignment that are due later this week
- Get a head start on tomorrow's work