Day 7, July 17 - Technology and Writing

*Whether you teach kindergarten or seniors, Math or Science, ELA or History, writing should be happening in your classroom. This is further pushed by the common core standards NY school will be implementing in September.
You will experience how to integrate technology and writing in the following ways:
1. Create a collaborative written assignment on a wiki
2. Learn how to integrate writing into the 6/6+1 Traits of Writing Approach (note that these tech techniques can be adpated into any writng program; but 6 traits is a researched based method several area districts use to improve overall student writing which is why it is the focus today. 6 Traits may be used in conjuntion with Step Up to Writing and the Writer's Workshop Models. Thus, tech can be integrated with them as well).
3. Step inside a the world of a classroom teacher who has been innovator in technology integration, particularly in the area of writng.
4. Gain some background knowledge on the writing tool known as the Livescribe pen. (Some flipping will be happening here. Today you will learn about it, tomorrow you will use it!)
5. Use discussion boards and Edmodo to further utilize written communication skills.
6. Some of you may also take some time to work on a very techy writing project, your digital story.

Please complete the 4 tasks below:

*Try to limit yourself to no longer than 3 hours on the first 3 tasks in order to give yourself some DST and/or Retrofit Lesson work time.

Task 1: Online Collaborative Jigsaw Project – focus on the 6+1 traits of writing

*Your group will need to determine who is in charge of each step. You will not be responsible for ALL steps, as they should delegated amongst all group memebers. Please submit your own rubric that reflects your contribution to the project.

Start here: What are the 6/6+1 traits of writing? Find out here:

Complete the Project

Project Steps:

  1. Research your trait (selected in class yesterdy) and create an online summary for your colleagues on the wiki. (This can be BRIEF)

  2. Find and post a video (use something like You Tube to search) that describes your trait. (This can be an instructinal video, a class in action video or even a parody of the trait).

  3. Find and post a digital story that could be used to teach your trait. Post a link to it or to a li nk with an online description of it (if you choose a Nook or Kindle story). Describe how it could be used in lieu of traditional book. How might it be more beneficial than a traditional book (think about UDL and accessibility)? *Note: A digital story could be a Nook, Kindle, etc. book (visit Barnes and Noble or Amazon online to check out their digital books), or you may find a "homemade" digital story a teacher/student/author has created.

  4. Find an online activity for your trait (conduct and online search to do this). . ORyou could also find any online writing activity that you like and explain how it can be used to teach your trait.

    Post the link to the wiki. Technology in the lesson is not necessary but a definite bonus (think going above and beyond, but don't spend a ton of time doing so, a 3 is a solid, on the road to an A score).

  5. Find a lesson for your trait. Post the lesson to the wiki as link.

  6. Begin a discussion board about your trait for your colleagues, by posting a question, as an assessment measure for understanding your trait and enhancing it with technology.

*Some helpful tools to "get her done":

  • Books to Teach Each Trait (find the book, then find the digital verson) - not the only resources out there, but a good place to start
  • Visit for some more trait info and lesson plan links
  • Interactive writing games (not a site with specific trati based activites, BUT you could pick and activity and briefly explain how it coudl be used with the trait.
  • OWLhas links to each trait with 1 online activity you may wish to use (the activity is not interactive in that the students "play" with it, it usually an writing example with questions prompts for students, the is A-Okay).

Task 2: Meet Julie Ramsay – an innovator in technology integration

1. Learn more about Julie and her work (but please don't get lost in all she does and these links, skim through to see what she does with technology):

- See Julie and her students at ISTE conference explaining their tech projects by viewing this video:

- Get a closer look at her student’s work: (Must do: check out the “Collaboration Station”)

- BROWSE (no need to get too in depth) Julie’s digital presentations at:

2. Make an I Fake Text interview with her

Now that you know a little bit about Julie and her approach to integrating technology, stage a BRIEF interview you may have with her about what she does. Document this writing assignment by created a fake i-phone text between the two of you using:

I Fake Text

3. Print your I Fake Text to submit as a ticket in class. - 1 ticket

*This is a high interest (for students) way to explore adn/or introduce interview writing and developing good interview questions.

Task 3: Livescribe Smart Pens Online Scavenger Hunt

1. Scavenge through the LiveBinder link below. This is meant for you discover what Livescribe pens are, classroom applications, and give yourself some backgound knowledge for tomorrow. The resources are broken down into "specialty" areas, please spend time in the areas that are the most pertinent to you. These resources are not meant to be read in-depthly. Click on the link below to begin:

LiveBinder on Smart Pens

2. Add a "pearl of wisdom" you picked up about the smart pens to edmodo. What is one thing you learned about the smart pen that you didn't know before.? How do you think you can use it in the classroom?

- 1 ticket

Task 4: We are approaching the home stretch, give yourself some time to work on you Cool tools or DST assignments

Today's Submissions:

1. Online Jigsaw Project - assignment (must submit a rubric reflecting your work/contributions)

2. Julie Ramsay Fake Text interview - 1 ticket

3. Livescribe "pearl of wisdom" (about Livescribe pens) comment on edmodo - 1 ticket

Homework/Being ready for tomorrow:

1. Read these two articles on QR codes to build some backgound knowledge for tomorrow:

2. Register at the link below for the Connected Learner webinar we will be partaking in tomorrow at 8:00am:

*Once you click the register button, it will open a new page with a calendar, please select the Info Session on July 18 to complete your registration.

3. Submit your cool tools project to the wiki, and have rubric ready to submit in class to Submit Folder.

*If you have a smartphone or camera ready I-pad/ipod touch, please bring it in tomorrow.

*We will need headphones tomorrow, so if you have your own or borrowed some plese bring tomorrow.