Day 8, July 18

Special Theme Day Video for early birds to enjoy.

Welcome Dr. Gradel! Drkg is our resident expert on QR codes and Smart Pens. She has graciously offered to spend the morning with us and guide our learning about these great tech tools.

Today we are beginning with tech right off the bat! We will take care of theme day mid morning.

First thing in the morning "honey do" list:

  • Please sign in to the webinar when you arrive; it will start promptly at 8am.

  • Submit any tickets from yesterday's online work.

  • If you did not complete the Voicethread ticket task on Monday, there will be a computer up and running with Voicethread for you to contribute your comment.

  • Great job on your 6 Traits Jigsaw. They look SUPER! Please make sure you started your discussion on a discussion board. (Click the discussion button (next to the edit button) and add a post. You must be signed in to do so.)


1. Connected Learner Webinar

2. Welcome/Today's Plan/Launchpad to this URL to get to our specialized work of the day (this is not our course is one of drkg's outreach is a GoogleSite, not a Wiki, and encompasses more than the work for our class):

3. Smart Pen Hands-on & Decode/Debrief

4. Theme Day Competition

5. 528 QRty Time!

6. Tomorrow's Online Work

*The DST Plan of Action and the Retrofit Lesson will need to be posted their own ANGEL dropboxes by Friday morning. If you do not know how to do this, please see me after class.

Today's Submissions:

- 1 ticket for participating in Smart Pen Activities

- 1 ticket for completing the QR code portable infographic

- Rubric for online Jigsaw (must do individually to reflect your online collaborative efforts as this was not conducted in a F2F setting)

- Rubric for Cool Tools assignment (1 per group)


- Complete the QR code infographic if you did not finish in class; you will need to either finish it right after class (drkg will be around to help) OR bring it printed and ready to post to our portable infographic as you walk in the door on Friday

- Work on your assignments that are due on Friday