Day 9 – July 19
Online Work

1. QR Reflection on Edmodo - respond to the reflection question that will be posted on Edmodo (1 ticket)

2. With your smart pen team, on the wiki page "Smart Pen Jigsaw" show and tell your responses to the following questions in regards to Wednesday's smart pen class activity (based on the example you reviewed): (1 ticket)

How is the smart pen being used?

How can the pen facilitate learning, as opposed to being "add on" technology for technology's sake?

*Be sure to explain your responses.
*You will want to decide with your group how you will collaboratively contribute to this wiki Jigsaw. Do it after class or digitally on Edmodo, via email, Skype, etc.

2. Six Traits Online Jigsaw Part 2
  • Visit the other Jigsaw Online projects (on our wiki) to develop a better understanding of the other writing traits.
  • Visit and respond to one other trait. (1 ticket)
*Ideas and Organization respond to each other
*Word Choice and Sentence Fluency respond to each other
*Conventions and Voice respond to each other
  • Revisit your discussion board to add comments or answer questions.

3. Optional for Brownie Points: Participate in others’ Cool Tools Modules. 0.25 brownie point for each module you complete.

4. Digital Story/Retrofit Lesson /Blog Work Time
- give yourself some time to finish your projects


Due tomorrow:
- Digital story (posted on wiki),
- Digital story plan of action (ANGEL drop box)
- Digital story rubric in Submit Folder
- Retrofit lesson (ANGEL drop box)
- Retrofit lesson rubric in Submit Folder
*You do NOT have to add your lesson to the wiki. Due to tech snafus, and not wanting to make things more complicated, you are not required to publish your lesson as stated in step 4 of the Final Submission section. I do this for you over the weekend, so you can view others' work and get some great ideas! More PLN building :)
- Ticket for Jigsaw discussion board participation
- Ticket for Edmodo QR reflection
- Ticket for wiki Jigsaw on smart pens
- List of brownie points and notation of what assignments to add them to