Fun with Fakebook

1. Go to Fakebook, and preview the introduction video

2. Create a Fakebook page for yourself - Who are you? What are your interests/"likes" in terms of teaching and technology? Who would you include in your PLN "friends"? What kind of comments might your PLN friends have on you page? This is suppose to be fun, so humor is welcome! This is also worth 1 ticket!

3. Learn to take and save a screenshot of your Fakebook page (done as a whole group with Huber). This is important as we will be editing your page throughout the course to show your growth and your PLN growth.

4. Share your Fakebook with the class to introduce yourself.

5. Go to the discussion board (button on top right of this page, next to Edit button) and add your thoughts on classroom application of Fakebook. This is worth 1 more ticket!

Screenshot Tutorials:

1. How to take a screenshot using MS Windows

2. How to take a screenshot using Mac

3. Cool tool for taking easy screenshots and screencasts: Jing

Jodi My Fakebook

Dawn's Fakebook

Melanie's Fakebook

Bobbi-Jo's fakebook screen shot.png

John's Fakebook

Rhea's Fakebook

Sara Bsker's

Ashley's Fakebook

Adam's Fakebook

Dan Nickle: Fakebook

Lynne Wahlstrom Fakebook

Tamara Meyer Fakebook

Derek Houser Fakebook

Sara Baker
Fakebook Page.png
Dan Bittinger's Fakebook

Katie Landy's Fakebook

Kristen Finch's Fakebook