Fakebook Update: Tech Station for Friday 7/20


After updating your fakebook page to reflect your new PLN contacts ("friends") and new technology interests ("interests" in your profile), please add the link here for others to view. This will reflect your growth and your PLN growth over the last two weeks. "You've come a long way baby!" Please be sure to leave your name next to your link.

Melanie's Fakebook

Ashley's Fakebook

Sara's Fakebook

Tammy's Facebook

Kristen's Fakebook
Lynne's Fakebook

Katie Landy's NEW Fakebook

Dan Bittinger's New Fakebook

Dan Nickle: New Fakebook

Adam Woelfle Fakeboo

Rhea Williams' New and Improved FAKEBOOK!!! :)

John's NEW Fakebook

Dawn's New Fakebook


Derek's new Fakebook